Piano Player – Memoir and Master Class

Piano Player - Front Cover


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What’s the life of a concert pianist really like? With wit, gentle humor, and abundant optimism Paul Bisaccia writes about his life making music and the friends he’s made along the way. From growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, to his home on Cape Cod, to travels all over the world, Paul writes about creating art, filming his television shows for PBS, making hundreds of recordings, and his deep love for Gershwin, Chopin and Liszt. The book recounts the start of his unlikely career path, beginning with the disastrous collapse of the Hartford Civic Center roof in 1978. Paul also chronicles his search, as a young man, for that all important holy grail – a great piano teacher, whom he found in the guise of a Brazilian genius from Rio – Luiz de Moura Castro. Part memoir and part master class, Piano Player will empower and entertain aspiring musicians, music lovers, or anyone who wants to be more open to the creative process.

Based on Paul’s entertaining stories, first published in the Hartford Courant’s Northeast Magazine.